Preleminary agreements

1. All e-Commerce solutions

The minimal costs listed herunder are not directly related to our services and do not depend on us but they are part of your overall investment and should therefore be noted:

  • You will need to purchase a domain name. The typical price is generally around 30.00 - 35.00 USD per year, but it can be more or less depending on the provider and solution that you will choose; several options are generally available, it is entirely up to you.
  • The price of your domain hosting will probably be more expensive if you need e-mail accounts / mailboxes for your domain.
  • For security reasons, a digital certificate is required for SSL/HTTPS. The digital certificate must support wildcards because we use sub-domains; the cheapest that we could find costs 100.00 USD per year. It should also be noted that more expensive digital certificates offer higher insurances and a higher degree of trust, but they also imply a more thorough approval process; this means more paperwork for you, you will need to take wait time into account in your planning and you will generally be required to own or represent a real/legal company.

Our platform of choice for sending e-mails (SMTP provider) currently doesn't charge the first 12.000 e-mails. This can change at any time and we cannot guarantee that mails sendings will remain free forever; of course there will be additional costs for you if you need to send more mails. You are naturally totally free to choose another provider than the one we normally use. We use our own e-mail templating engine and manage clients subscriptions internally, so we do not depend on any particular provider and all we need is a SMTP server.

Geo-location is based on IP addresses and is performed using an external service. It is necessary to enable the possibility to charge in different currencies depending on the geographical location of your clients. Our service provider offers several different plans, the cheapest costs 20.00 USD for 200,000 queries. Our software performs efficient caching to keep the amount of effective queries to a minimum, small & medium Web sites generally won't need to buy more than one queries pack every 5-6 years. For big Web sites it is generally advised to go for a local geolocation database plan to avoid online queries; additional custom development will be charged to set it up.

Our software supports localization, which means that your Web sites can display their contents in different languages. However, you will be responsible for providing the translations for your content and for the various messages that our e-Commerce platform shows to users; translations costs are at your charge. It should be noted that localization support is a tedious process, we will need to work together following strict conventions.

2. Small & medium e-Commerce solutions

The kind of Web hosting plan required to deploy our software solution in a typical scenario corresponds to a medium-sized VPS (Virtual Private Server) and the monthly price is generally around 40.00 - 45.00 USD. The price can be higher if more hard drive space and/or memory is required in your particular case, or it can be less if your needs are light enough to be able to place your applications on a shared VPS (the monthly price is generally around 20.00 - 25.00 USD). You will generally have at least 2 Web sites (one being the e-Commerce Web site itself and the second one being a management Web site), which means 2 IP addresses. Having more than 2 Web sites (an Image Server for example) implies purchasing additional IP addresses; an IP address generally costs 2.00 USD per month.

So as a general rule, taking into account the costs related to your domain name and the digital certificate as explained in the section hereabove, our estimate is that the minimal cost for having a running e-Commerce platform before even purchasing anything from us will be around 435.00 USD per year (36.25 USD per month) if we can install your solution on a shared VPS, and around 675.00 USD per year (56.25 USD per month) if we install your solution on your own private VPS (which really depends on your project). This cost does not depend on us, although we do indeed have that particular requirement regarding the type of hosting that works with our software solutions; prices can change anytime and can vary from provider to provider, the information presented here is purely informative and does not constitute a commitment from our part; our estimate is for a typical setup and the price will be slightly higher if more Web sites and/or resources are required.

As mentioned hereabove, e-mail accounts for your domain may increase your monthly costs, additional costs may come into picture if you do intensive mass-mailings or if free mailings are no longer possible, and additional costs may come into picture for localization (translations) and/or geolocation.

We take ownership of the hosting plan, you will not be able to access the VPS. We do this as a safety measure to ensure the proper functioning of our applications and guarantee their performance, and also to protect our intellectual property and prevent access to our code. As a consequence we need to take the hosting plan under our name, pay for it and charge it back to you. We work in total transparency: we will communicate all the hosting plan details to you and we do not try to make any profit with hosting plans. Please note that if the hosting company increases its prices, with or without notice, we will need to do it too at the same time, as would be the case if you were its direct customer.

3. Large e-Commerce solutions

Our software can be deployed on Cloud solutions or on dedicated servers infrastructures. We normally rather discuss this with our customers when we know all the details about their project and we cannot provide a solution proposal or a price estimate before having the details.

We do understand that access to the servers and the databases and/or access to the applications and/or source code ownership can be a requirement for bigger companies, especially when a lot of custom development is involved. Please check the partnerships section to discover on which basis we are ready to negotiate.

e-Commerce solutions pricing

The core features of our e-Commerce platform already exist and reside on our backend servers, you do not pay for that. These core features are in constant evolution: we keep improving them over time and we keep adding new features to your management application, which we also do at no extra costs for you. The only thing you need to purchase is the making of the actual "shop application" that your customers will see and use.

A shop application generally consists in a home page, a catalog page with a search engine, a product detail page, a page with a contact form, an "about" page, a few pages for the cart, a few pages involved in the processing of payments, a few user account related pages, a few pages for your policies and a few standard error pages. Many other invisible features exist but we have templates for these features and we have templates for most pages, so the work generally essentially consists in styling the user interface. Depending on your desires, on your level of preparation and on the quantity and quality of material you can provide upfronts to reduce the amount of time we will be spending building a user interface that you like, everything is generally feasible in a week or two. We will be able to provide an exact estimate when we have all the details about your project.

You are naturally not restricted to the above, our job is our passion and we live to give life to your vision. Everything is possible, even adding new features to our core services or modifying existing ones can be considered. Submit your ideas to us and we'll tell how much time would be necessary to develop them.

Our applications adapt themselves to the size of the screen, but bear in mind that if you need a mobile-specific version of your e-Commerce application, it will be an entirely additional application.

Graphics are an essential ingredient for Web sites, modern design trends actually heavily depend on appealing graphics. It is possible to achieve good results with graphics available freely on the internet, but in most cases there will be a need to hire a graphist... at least for your logo, and probably favicons too. Consistency is harder to achieve when you limit yourself to what can be found for free here and there, and it is hard to guarantee a customized and stunning end result that matches your vision without a professional artist. If you do not want to invest a lot in graphics, we suggest that you collect by yourself as much free graphics as you can on internet or try to find a cheap graphics package. The more graphical material you can provide us with upfronts, the lower the bill will be. We naturally do work with graphists and will have one working with us if you are willing to pay for it, but bear in mind that we will charge our respective services independently of each other, our pricing does not include the graphist's work.

Except in the case of partnerships, our e-Commerce solutions are customized services; the source code and applications remain our private property. We create customized facade Web applications for you that communicate with our e-Commerce platform to take advantage of its core features, so these features do not reside in your application(s) and your application(s) would not run without our platform.

All our activities are charged by the hour, see the hourly rate section below for the price.

Setup costs

Setup activities for small & medium solutions are minimal and generally fit in the average time frame of one to two weeks necessary to complete a project.

Larger projects are a different story, not only because they generally involve relatively heavier custom development activities but also because the deployment on Cloud solutions or on dedicated servers architectures is more complex and there are often technical implications that need to be taken into account. Without going to much into detail, there are for example technical implications with Cloud solutions from a distributed caching perspective and from a n-Tier layering perspective; Image Servers need to function completely different too on Cloud solutions.

Setup activities will be described in the offer we will make once we have all the details about your project and are also charged by the hour.

Maintenance costs

We do monitor our applications & systems and make sure they are always up and running. Daily backups of databases and important files are performed automatically. This is done at no cost.

However: please note that the backups are stored on the virtual servers themselves, so they protect you against software errors / logical faults or user errors but they will be lost if the virtual server gets crashed or corrupted. Hosting companies offer their own safety measures and it is possible to purchase an optional backup plan. We definitively invite you to take a look at their offer when we give you the hosting plan details for your e-Commerce solution.

Hourly rate

We charge 70.00 USD per hour for all activities, which comes to 560.00 USD per day and 2,800.00 USD per week.


We are open to partnerships for large e-Commerce solutions and ready to consider providing the complete software solution "at no costs" for your project, which would include all required custom development, source code ownership and infrastructure ownership. We expect to become a partner and to get company shares in exchange; our regular hourly rate constitutes our basis to calculate the value of our contribution in time and material; we feel that the capital contribution should be at least equal to our contribution, if not greater.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a partnership.

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